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Hey, are you tired of all these servers with craftbukkit and all its laggy pluggins? Leave me guess... the first time you joined a server you where waiting a world kinda like when you play in singleplayer but with other players with who stay with... and what did you found? A beautiful spawn area and a lot of fun minigames. You played some of them, you met new friends and maybe you discovered that you are the best playing Kit PvP. But... Where is your first punched tree? Where are the villages? Where are the mines? Where are the strongholds? And why do you need to pay 200$ to upgrade to premium rank which allows you to claim a plot to build a town? There are moments when you just need to relax... gather some resources, craft something in a zero lag server with the pure vanilla (no pluggins) and have fun. If you where searching a place like this then Join us!